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For therapists 

I am deeply passionate about supporting therapists, and in March 2020, I founded the original Counsellors' Staffroom group. It quickly evolved into a thriving and highly valued source of support for counsellors and psychotherapists. Recognising the need for a dedicated professional space away from social media, my colleagues and I launched the Counsellors’ Staffroom platform in 2022.


The Counsellors’ Staffroom Therapists of Colour group, is aimed at supporting trainee and qualified therapists from diverse backgrounds who often face challenges during training  and in practice within a white euro-centric profession.

I also write blogs aimed at therapists - where I  share my personal experiences and insights to inspire introspection and emphasise the significance of culturally integrated, neurodivergent affirming therapy. 

I am committed to creating spaces for therapists which are both nurturing and challenging, with supervision groups coming soon.   


Click on the images below for links to these services...

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